Baby Shower Captions for Your Cute Instagram Posts

150+ Baby Shower Captions for Your Cute Instagram Posts

Finding out you’re expecting a baby changes your life in a heartbeat. Everything gets really exciting, from preparing the baby’s room to celebrating with a baby shower.

And when these moments happen, also comes the joy of sharing these with our friends and family on social media platforms like Instagram.

In our digital age, your important journey to becoming parents is something to talk about. This blog post is full of great baby shower captions for Instagram for all of you expecting parents, family members, or best friends out there.

So, check out our list of funny, sweet, and heartfelt captions to go with your baby shower photos and let everyone share the happiness with you

Baby shower captions for Instagram

  1. The baby is coming, let the fun times roll!
  2. Little star coming soon. We can’t wait!
  3. Our family is growing by two feet soon.
  4. Baby clothes, toys, and lots of joy.
  5. Time for joy, the baby is almost here.
  6. Ready or not, here comes a lot of sleepless nights!
  7. Love is growing inside mommy’s belly.
  8. Can’t wait to welcome our sweet bundle of joy.
  9. Tiny clothes, big dreams, can’t wait for the baby’s screams.
  10. Our hearts are full, waiting for the baby.
  11. Nothing is as sweet as tiny baby feet!
  12. Baby shower fun, our adventure has begun.
  13. Mom-to-be is glowing, with baby love showing.
  14. Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs, can’t wait for the baby’s cries.
  15. Love, joy, and wonderful dreams, are all things a new baby brings.
  16. Every good thing begins with a baby shower!
  17. Our little miracle is on the way!
  18. Baby is coming, the time is near, can’t wait to cheer.
  19. All set to welcome our new family star.
  20. Our family circle is expanding.
  21. Hello baby bump, we’re ready for the ump!
  22. Awaiting new laughs, cries, and sweet baby sighs.
  23. Preparing to flood you with love, dear baby.
  24. Diapers, wipes, bottles galore! We still need a little bit more.
  25. Counting down the days till we hear tiny baby cries.
  26. Our hearts are filling as your arrival is nearing.
  27. Tick tock, tick tock, waiting for the baby o’clock!
  28. Dreaming of cuddles, diapers, and little giggles.
  29. Baby steps to the wonderful journey of parenthood.
  30. Excited for all the joys a baby will unfurl.
  31. The baby’s on the way, we can’t wait for the day!
  32. Welcoming the future with baby love!
  33. Can’t wait for the bibs and the cribs!
  34. Loading diapers, preparing to be life changers.
  35. The crib is set and we’re happily waiting.
  36. Galore of joy waiting behind the stork’s door.
  37. Feel the baby bump love, floating above.
  38. Bottles, pacifiers, and baby criers can’t wait!
  39. Our baby is on the way, can’t wait for the day.
  40. Celebrating the tiny wonder who’s soon to make a grand entry.
  41. Hugs and kisses are ready for the baby.
  42. Anxiously waiting to welcome our new blessing.
  43. Can’t wait for the stork delivery!
  44. Adding a pinch of joy to our world!
  45. Setting up the nursery, awaiting the glee.

Baby shower captions for friend

  1. From partner in crime to parent in time, ready for your baby’s prime.
  2. Diapers and lullabies ahead, this journey you’re ready to tread.
  3. You’re on bump watch and it’s a total catch.
  4. Bottles, bibs, and a baby soon, you’re over the moon!
  5. Can’t wait to hear the pitter-patter of your little one’s feet.
  6. Welcome to the club, parenting can be fun!
  7. Baby coos are coming, your new chapter is stunning.
  8. Boosting the tribe with tiny vibes.
  9. Your baby bump is our joy jump.
  10. Baby is coming, and I’m ready for Auntie’s bragging.
  11. Your baby countdown is something we surround.
  12. Little hands, little feet. Baby already has your beat.
  13. Ready to spoil your little treasure with love beyond measure?
  14. Your squad is upgrading to include a small new player.
  15. Ready to swap scary ghost tales for adorable baby wails?
  16. Celebrating before the late-night giggle triggers.
  17. Honoring the friend, whose bedtime stories will soon ascend.
  18. You’re nesting, and we’re preparing the baby feasting.
  19. Your baby is almost here, and we’re ready to cheer.
  20. From endless chatter to baby’s clatter, our joy is no flatter.
  21. You’re ready for the sweet baby galore, with joy in store.
  22. Getting stronger with your baby bump, ready to jump.
  23. Growing baby, growing love, you’re showered from above.
  24. Soon-to-be cuddles with your baby bundle.
  25. Tick, tock, guess who’s about to rock the block?
  26. The glow you carry, a magical fairy.
  27. Preparing for the baby buzz, overflowing with fuzz.
  28. For the friend, whose patience will soon mend.
  29. It’s not a shower, it’s a baby power hour!
  30. Celebrating the kick-start of your lovely part.
  31. The crib is rocking, ready for baby’s docking.
  32. From pacifiers to lullaby choirs, it’s your baby empire.
  33. Baby-coming-soon, under the same loving moon.
  34. My best friend is ready to attend a baby friend.
  35. Tiny yawns and baby fawns, a new era dawns.
  36. Approaching mommyland, Take my hand.
  37. The stork is coming, let’s keep drumming.
  38. Amazing friend and mom-to-be, raising a toast for thee.
  39. Baby booties and giggly cuties, fulfilling duties.
  40. Pink or blue, your joy is due.
  41. Cheers to the new mom, calm and aplomb.
  42. Mom-to-be has never looked this chic and free.
  43. Cute nursery, ready for baby’s first oratory.
  44. Baby on the way, eagerly waiting for the day.
  45. With every baby kick, friendship becomes more thick.
  46. Celebrating your baby entry, entering a life plenty.
  47. Tiny fingers, all set to linger.

Funny baby shower captions for Instagram

  1. The stork’s signed up for overtime—baby’s incoming!
  2. Get ready for sleepless nights of joy!
  3. Free pizza… just kidding, it’s a baby shower!
  4. Partying before the baby out-parties us all.
  5. We’ve ordered one cute baby, extra chubby!
  6. Baby on the way. We’re expanding our tribe!
  7. New baby, new boss of the house coming soon.
  8. Anticipating the cutest invader in our lives.
  9. Loading diaper skills, please standby.
  10. Here’s to late-night talks with the tiny one.
  11. The countdown for diaper duty has begun.
  12. Celebrating the thief who stole our sleep in advance.
  13. Celebrating sleep while we still can!
  14. Babies: Turning adults into sleep-deprived zombies since forever.
  15. Alert! Tiny dictator landing soon.
  16. Buckle up, we’re on the baby route!
  17. Our lives are about to get hijacked by a tiny human!
  18. We’re expecting a little bundle of spit-ups and sleepless nights!
  19. No delivery charges for the stork this time.
  20. Pop the bottles before the baby pops out.
  21. Started with a kiss, ended up with a baby shower!
  22. Our journey from late-night parties to middle-of-the-night parties begins.
  23. All booked up for a nine-month human-making gig!
  24. Trading late-night parties for lullabies.
  25. Cheers to the new pinch hitter on the team!
  26. Get ready for chaos with a dose of cuteness.
  27. Awaiting delivery: one little partner-in-crime.
  28. Shhh… we’re brewing a baby here!
  29. From fun nights to diaper fights, here we come.
  30. Diapers and bibs make for the best gags.
  31. Time to prepare for 3 a.m. parties with the new boss!
  32. Baby on the way: Let the games of parenting begin!
  33. Here’s to the most adorable alarm clock coming soon!
  34. Stay calm and change the diaper.
  35. We have a hiccup, a tiny one on the way!
  36. Soon-to-be logistics manager for a baby.
  37. Getting ready to handle tomorrow’s tantrums today.
  38. The only guest missing is the guest of honor!
  39. Not all storms come to disrupt life, some come with diapers!
  40. Eyes on the bump, it’s hiding the new MVP.
  41. The stork’s dropping us a cozy bundle!
  42. Life’s getting exciting, and a little less sleepier.
  43. Here’s to adventures in babysitting. Wish us luck!
  44. Pregnancy: a unicorn touchdown that turns into an adorable tyrant!
  45. All set for the baby, the diapers, and the unending joy.
  46. Begin the countdown, baby’s taking-off soon!

Baby shower captions for mom

  1. Wait is over, mom’s heart takes over.
  2. From feeling the flutters to hearing the mutters, joy unshutters.
  3. One baby bump, endless love lump.
  4. Hello maternity, goodbye sanity!
  5. The glow before the show; waiting for baby’s hello.
  6. Awaiting the bundle, mom’s joy is humble.
  7. Mismatched socks, lots of walks, welcome to the mom’s block.
  8. The constant bump touch, mom’s love is such.
  9. Mom’s arms ready to cuddle, all worries puddle.
  10. The bump is real, so is mom’s zeal.
  11. Mom-to-be embracing sleep while it’s cheap.
  12. The heart inside listen, mommy’s love glisten.
  13. Baby kicking, countdown ticking.
  14. Bun in the oven, mom’s heart is lovin’.
  15. Mom’s world about to change for the cute little exchange.
  16. Milestone ahead, baby soon to be fed.
  17. Loving the squirm, waiting for baby’s term.
  18. Mother nesting, for the baby she’s investing.
  19. Carry the glow, let the love overflow.
  20. Counting moments, not weeks, baby’s arrival mom seeks.
  21. Sprinkle of love for the baby dove.
  22. Bursting with joy, hello little boy or girl’s toy.
  23. Baby’s on its way, mom’s ready to sway.
  24. Prepare the room, baby to bloom.
  25. On the way is our little sunray.
  26. Baby’s arrival, mom’s survival.
  27. Peeking out the bump, a joy lump.
  28. Bye sleep, hello tiny feet.
  29. Melody of heartbeats, the mom and baby duet.
  30. Dreaming about the giggles, on cloud nine wiggles.
  31. Gearing for a mess, the cute baby dress.
  32. Baby’s incoming; joy’s humming.
  33. Mom’s heart knew, a love new.
  34. Feel the joy, either girl or boy.
  35. Mom-to-be, a sweet decree.
  36. Baby is swooping, belly is blooming.
  37. Love in stitches, baby nixes all hitches.
  38. Ticking clock, tiny frock.
  39. Dreamy nursery, awaiting the baby’s flurry.
  40. Baby’s mission, mom’s exhilaration.
  41. Best wishes for diaper changes, late-night stages.
  42. Soon to no more waddle, love you cradle.
  43. Tugs at the heart, soon to start.
  44. Loving your baby bump, every lump.
  45. Baby coo, mom’s debut.

Cute baby shower captions for Instagram

  1. Our hearts are jumping for the baby coming!
  2. Sweet new baby, we can’t wait to meet you.
  3. Excited and ready for our baby’s smile.
  4. We’re excitedly waiting for your little hands and heart.
  5. A day of love for our baby dove.
  6. We can’t wait, baby’s arrival will be great.
  7. Waiting for our little star to twinkle.
  8. Excited for the happy sound of baby giggles.
  9. Counting down the days to cuddle you!
  10. Your little kicks are our big joys.
  11. Ready for joy with diapers and toys.
  12. Ready to spoil our beautiful baby royal.
  13. Your giggles are going to make our world wiggles.
  14. Waiting to celebrate, when we become three.
  15. Mom and Dad are ready for the baby journey!
  16. Once upon a time, becomes now with a sweet chime.
  17. A baby in the way, making every day a sunny day.
  18. We made room in our hearts for your baby part.
  19. Sprinkling joy for our baby, as cute as a toy.
  20. Your tiny feet are music to our beat.
  21. Our little moon, see you soon.
  22. Showering pure love for the baby to be loved.
  23. Watching the baby bump, with an excited jump.
  24. Can’t wait to hold our baby close.
  25. Preparing for the baby spree.
  26. Making the nest for our tiny guest.
  27. Hushing around, waiting for your sound.
  28. Our little star, we wonder how cute you are.
  29. Waiting for our sweet baby treat.
  30. Waiting for the baby feet to make our life complete.
  31. Your belly kicks make our hearts ticks.
  32. Baby is in the air, creating a lovely fair.
  33. Getting ready to sail the family fairy tale.
  34. Love is about to double with your baby bubble.
  35. Preparing for the baby, the sweetest maybe.
  36. Ready to welcome our cozy baby guest.
  37. Can’t wait for the baby’s cuddly tread.
  38. Awww! Baby is on the way.
  39. Waiting for your sweet giggles and wriggles.
  40. Your tiny hands will rule our world.
  41. Sprinkle or twirl, you will be our pearl.
  42. Sweetest gift, shifting our life with a lift.
  43. Our bundle of joy is on the way.
  44. Our family is growing, with two tiny feet showing.
  45. Waiting for you, from womb to world.


So, that’s our fun and heart-warming list of baby shower captions. There’s something for every photo taken at your baby shower, from the expecting mom to the cute baby stuff, to the wonderful time spent with friends and family. Each caption is designed to help you share the feelings, sweet moments, and happy times that a baby shower brings.

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