Pirate Captions for Instagram

155 Pirate Captions for Instagram (Best, Funny, Clever, Cute)

Are you ready for some fun pirate-themed captions for your Instagram posts? Maybe you’ve got an awesome pirate-related picture, or you’re just looking for something playful and different for your next post. Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered all types of pirate captions that you’ll love. There are funny ones, smart ones, captions perfect for adventure pictures, and even ones specially made for Halloween. So, let’s jump in and find your perfect pirate caption!

Pirate captions for Instagram

  1. Sailing the seven seas in search of treasure.
  2. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
  3. Set sail and live the pirate life.
  4. The sea is my home, the ship is my castle.
  5. Blackbeard’s got nothing on us.
  6. All hands on deck for adventure awaits!
  7. A pirate’s life for me, yo ho!
  8. The sun sets on another successful plundering.
  9. We may be pirates, but we have each other’s backs.
  10. The sea may be rough, but so am I.
  11. X marks the spot where our treasure lies.
  12. A true pirate never reveals their secrets.
  13. Dead men tell no tales, but we do.
  14. A pirate’s life is never boring on the open sea.
  15. We’ll sail the seas until the end of time.
  16. A pirate’s code is one we all abide by.
  17. We may be rough around the edges, but we’re loyal to the end.
  18. The Jolly Roger flies high on our ship.
  19. From plundering to partying, pirates know how to have a good time.
  20. I’d rather be a pirate than a mermaid.
  21. We’re not lost, we’re just taking the scenic route.
  22. The sea speaks to me, and I speak back.
  23. Adventure is out there and we’re taking it by storm.
  24. We’ll show those navy scallywags who’s boss.
  25. There’s no feeling quite like the wind in our sails.
  26. Life’s too short to stay on dry land.
  27. The pirate life may be hard, but it’s worth it.
  28. We’re a crew, not just a bunch of pirates.
  29. We don’t steal, we earn.
  30. The thrill of the chase is what drives us to seek treasure.
  31. We’re not afraid of a little rough water.
  32. We’ve got more tricks up our sleeves than the Navy could imagine.
  33. The sea always gives back what we put in.
  34. We know how to navigate any water and any storm.
  35. A pirate’s heart knows no limits.
  36. The ocean may be vast, but so is our courage.
  37. We may be few, but with our pirate spirit, we’re unstoppable.
  38. We know how to live life to the fullest, no matter the circumstances.
  39. It’s not about the gold, it’s about the adventure.
  40. For us, every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  41. A life of adventure is all worth the risk.
  42. We live life on our terms, and that’s what makes us true pirates.
  43. The sea is ripe with opportunities, and we’re taking full advantage.
  44. Being a pirate may not be easy, but it’s always worth it.
  45. We may be rough and tough, but we’ve got a heart of gold.
  46. We don’t wait for opportunities, we make them ourselves.
  47. A true pirate never turns down a challenge.
  48. Adventure awaits us at every turn, and we’re ready for it.
  49. We may be far from home, but the crew is all the family we need.
  50. The sea may be harsh, but it’s where we belong.
  51. Every day is a new adventure when you’re a pirate.
  52. We don’t need a map to find where we’re going.
  53. People may fear us, but we know what we’re truly capable of.
  54. Life is a journey, and we’re taking the scenic route.
  55. We’re not just pirates, we’re a family.
  56. The sea is our playground, and we’re here to have fun.

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Best pirate captions for Instagram

  1. The life of a pirate is full of adventure and surprises.
  2. We may be pirates, but we stand for something greater.
  3. Courage, honor, and loyalty are the backbone of our pirate code.
  4. Our crew may be small, but we are mighty.
  5. The sea is a vast and beautiful mystery that we are always exploring.
  6. A true pirate never backs down from a challenge.
  7. We may be outlaws, but we have our own set of rules to live by.
  8. We may roam the seas, but we never forget our roots.
  9. Our ship may be old, but our spirit is timeless.
  10. The captain may lead the ship, but the crew is what makes it run.
  11. The pirate’s life may be tough, but it’s always worth it.
  12. We may be rough around the edges, but our hearts are pure.
  13. We may be pirates, but we’re all friends in the end.
  14. The sea is our home, and we’ll defend it with all our might.
  15. Nothing beats the feeling of the wind in our sails and the salt on our skin.
  16. Our ship may be modest, but our spirit is grand.
  17. For us, every day is an exciting new adventure.
  18. We may be pirates, but we have a heart of gold.
  19. The pirate’s life is never boring, and that’s just the way we like it.
  20. We may not have all the answers, but we have each other.
  21. Time flies when you’re having fun and living the pirate’s life.
  22. We may not be perfect, but our pirate spirit always prevails.
  23. A true pirate knows how to navigate both the sea and life.
  24. We may be fierce, but we always have compassion for those in need.
  25. Our ship may be battered, but our spirit is unbreakable.
  26. The pirate’s life may be hard, but it’s always rewarding.
  27. We may be pirates, but we still abide by the rules of chivalry.
  28. There’s nothing like the bond of a pirate crew at sea.
  29. Laughter and joy fill every moment of our pirate adventures.
  30. There’s nothing more satisfying than a successful plundering session.
  31. A true pirate never forgets who they are or where they came from.
  32. The sea may be harsh, but we’re always ready for the challenge.
  33. We’re not just a pirate crew, we’re a family.
  34. Life is an adventure, and we’re living it to the fullest as pirates.
  35. We may be tough, but we know how to have fun and enjoy life.
  36. Our ship may be small, but our hearts are big.
  37. Every day we spend on the sea is a day well spent.
  38. We may be pirates, but we can still be gentlemen and gentlewomen.
  39. We don’t just survive on the sea, we thrive.

Funny pirate captions for Instagram

  1. A Pirate’s life, it’s not all treasure and rum. Well, maybe just rum.
  2. I’m not lazy, I’m on island time.
  3. Just making sure my parrot matches my outfit.
  4. Swashbuckling my way through life.
  5. Not a morning person, unless it’s morning rum.
  6. Shiver me timbers! It’s time for some fun.
  7. Boarding the party ship, we’re setting sail!
  8. I don’t always drink rum, but when I do, I prefer to do it like a pirate.
  9. What does a pirate say when he turns 80? Aye, matey!
  10. I might be a pirate, but I always put my booty to good use.
  11. Arrr! It’s time to raise the Jolly Roger and have some fun.
  12. A pirate’s favorite letter may be R, but my favorite is U.
  13. I apologize for the delay, I had to walk the plank.
  14. The best way to deal with stress? A little bit of pirate therapy.
  15. Keep calm and hoist the main sail.
  16. Avast ye! It’s time to party like a pirate.
  17. If you can’t beat ’em, sail away and attack someone else.
  18. Even if I lose my map, I never lose my direction towards the rum.
  19. Dead men may tell no tales, but I’ll brag about them anyway.
  20. I don’t always pillage and plunder, but when I do, I do it in style.
  21. It’s not a bad day if it ends with a bottle of rum and a sunset on the sea.
  22. I like my treasure chests locked, and my rum unlocked.
  23. A true pirate finds his way, even without a compass.
  24. Nothing beats a good day of looting and laughing with your mates.
  25. The only thing better than a chest of gold is a chest full of rum.
  26. Yeah, I’m a pirate, but I also know how to have fun!
  27. I’m not lost, I’m just exploring uncharted territories.
  28. If at first, you don’t succeed, then you weren’t meant to be a pirate.
  29. What’s a pirate’s favorite movie? Booty and the Beast.
  30. A pirate always charts his course carefully, even if he might not follow it.
  31. A real pirate never needs a map, just an excellent sense of adventure.
  32. Ahoy, matey! Let’s splice the mainbrace and have some fun!
  33. Whenever life gives me lemons, I trade them for rum.
  34. A true pirate doesn’t lose his temper, he just swears like a sailor.
  35. Why did the pirate go to the Apple store? He wanted an iPad-Arrr!
  36. Don’t be a landlubber; be a pirate and conquer the sea!
  37. A day without adventure is like a day without rum, utterly pointless.

Clever pirate captions

  1. Pirates don’t cry; we get even.
  2. Always ready to raise the Jolly Roger.
  3. Life is better on deck.
  4. Seeking treasure, finding adventure.
  5. Let’s get lost in uncharted waters.
  6. Fingers on the trigger, always ready for action.
  7. You can’t stop a pirate from the plunder.
  8. Sailing towards the horizon.
  9. You can’t keep a good pirate down.
  10. The ocean is calling, and I must go.
  11. So many treasures, so little time.
  12. Adventure on the high seas.
  13. Let’s make waves!
  14. A pirate’s life is the best.
  15. Shiver me timbers! It’s time to raise the anchor and go.
  16. A pirate’s soul always longs for new adventures.
  17. No destination – just happy to be aboard.
  18. Smooth sailing into the sunset.
  19. There’s nothing like a good rum and a pirate’s life.
  20. Always up for a challenge.
  21. A pirate’s life for me, and I’ll never walk the plank.
  22. To adventure and beyond!
  23. The true treasure is the friends we make along the way.
  24. Keep calm and raise the topsail.
  25. A pirate never forgets the way home.
  26. Crooked compass, straight towards adventure.
  27. A pirate’s code is simple: seek treasure and adventure.
  28. Freedom on the high seas.
  29. A pirate’s life is full of surprises.
  30. Always plotting the course for new treasures.
  31. A true pirate makes the winds their ally.
  32. Adventure awaits at every turn.
  33. The pirate’s life is not for the faint of heart.
  34. The journey is the destination for a true pirate.
  35. Take what you can give nothing back.
  36. Be bold, be brave, be a pirate.
  37. You can take our rum, but you can never take our spirit.
  38. Pirates don’t retire; we just keep on sailing.
  39. Life is too short to stay on one shore.
  40. As a pirate, I am the captain of my fate.
  41. Carpe Diem, seize the booty.
  42. Every pirate has a story to tell.
  43. Minions of the sea, ready for anything.
  44. Always living life on the edge of the deck.
  45. A pirate’s treasure is never far from sight.
  46. Beyond the horizon, adventure awaits.
  47. A pirate’s life is a life lived to the fullest.
  48. Not all treasure is silver and gold.
  49. A true pirate never gives up or backs down.
  50. Let’s sail into the blue unknown.
  51. Even storms can’t keep a pirate down.
  52. Adventure, treasure, and rum – the pirate’s life for me.
  53. Every pirate needs a good crew to sail with.
  54. Pirates only need a ship and a horizon to conquer.
  55. Never quit, never surrender – the pirate’s motto.
  56. Pirates don’t retire – we just start a new voyage.
  57. A pirate’s spirit never fades.
  58. There’s no changing the course of a pirate’s heart.

Halloween pirate captions

  1. Pirates love Halloween treasure hunts.
  2. Halloween pirate on the loose!
  3. Ghost ships? No problem. I’m a pirate!
  4. I scare the scarecrow. Pirate’s Halloween.
  5. When Halloween meets the pirate’s sea.
  6. Pirate’s Halloween. Tricks, treats, and lots of sweets.
  7. Setting sail on a spooky Halloween adventure!
  8. Jack o’ lantern, meet Captain Jack.
  9. Ghosts and ghouls, step aside. The pirate’s here!
  10. Pirate’s Halloween. More treats, less tricks.
  11. All aboard the Halloween pirate ship.
  12. Pirates know best. Halloween is a treasure.
  13. Halloween pirate. Scary on the outside, candy on the inside!
  14. Pirates aren’t scared of shadows. It’s Halloween!
  15. Chill winds, spooky seas. Pirate’s Halloween delight!
  16. Being a pirate is fun, especially on Halloween.
  17. Sailing under the pumpkin-colored sky.
  18. Who needs a black cat when you’ve got a pirate’s hat?
  19. Halloween night, pirate’s delight.
  20. Spooks and pirates unite this Halloween night.
  21. Ahoy! Halloween night full of pirate fright!
  22. Pirate on Halloween: less boo, more yo-ho-ho.
  23. Watch out ghosts, your pirate rival is here.
  24. Pirate’s rule on Halloween: fright and delight.
  25. Halloween party on board. Pirates only!
  26. Pirates don’t just sail seas, we rule Halloween.
  27. A night of fright, pirate’s delight.
  28. Pumpkin carving time on the pirate ship.
  29. Pirates making Halloween an adventure.
  30. Not your regular pirate, a Halloween pirate.
  31. Tales of a pirate’s Halloween night.
  32. On Halloween, we exchange gold for candy.
  33. Pirates love Halloween. It’s all about the fun.
  34. I’m a pirate. I can handle Halloween fright.
  35. Halloween whispers in pirate ears: it’s trick or treat time!
  36. Captain Pirate to Halloween: I’m ready
  37. Pirates can be scared too…Just kidding! It’s Halloween.
  38. Scary night or candy fight – Pirate’s Halloween.
  39. Halloween sails are up, let the spooky journey begin.

Cute pirate captions for Instagram

  1. Be the captain of your own ship.
  2. Life is an open sea and I’m a happy pirate.
  3. Pirate’s life is for me, matey!
  4. Sailing away on my pirate dreams.
  5. No maps are needed; I’m a pirate.
  6. Waves, sun, and a pirate’s fun!
  7. Hoist the sails. Time for a pirate adventure.
  8. Just a pirate in a concrete ocean.
  9. Ahoy, let’s find some treasure.
  10. I can handle anything. I’m a pirate.
  11. My ship, my rules.
  12. Adventure awaits, just like a pirate’s journey.
  13. The pirate’s way is the only way.
  14. There’s a dash of pirate in my heart.
  15. Call me captain of my fate.
  16. In another life, I’d be a pirate.
  17. I’m a pirate, matey, fear isn’t in my dictionary.
  18. Pirate life equals no regrets.
  19. Heart brimming with pirate courage.
  20. Pirates don’t worry. We sail on.
  21. Ahoy! Bringing out my inner pirate.
  22. Why fit in when you can be a pirate?
  23. Be yourself matey, unless you can be a pirate.
  24. Embracing the pirate spirit in me.
  25. Full sails ahead for the pirate’s life.
  26. A little pirate never hurt anyone.
  27. Spice and sea, the pirate’s delight.
  28. Being a pirate, feeling alive.
  29. Pirates don’t wait, they sail ahead.
  30. True treasures lie within; said a wise pirate.
  31. Just chillin’ like a pirate.
  32. Following the pirate code: leave no fun behind.
  33. Do it the pirate way or no way.
  34. Easy to dream, tough to be a pirate.
  35. The pirate life chose me.
  36. Spontaneous as a pirate, wild as the sea.
  37. We pirates don’t follow the crowd.
  38. Conquer the world like a pirate.
  39. Live the life you love, love the pirate life.
  40. Smiling through every storm, pirate style.
  41. Just another day in my pirate shoes.
  42. Seas the day the pirate way.
  43. Sunsets and pirate adventures. Perfect together.
  44. Bask in the pirate’s glory.
  45. Riding the waves of life like a pirate.
  46. Loving the pirate mode of life.


And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun collection of pirate captions for Instagram. With these captions, your posts will never be boring! So, next time you want a creative and pirate-themed caption for your Instagram, remember you can always look back at this list. 

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