Dinosaur Instagram Captions

165+ Dinosaur Instagram Captions (Best, quotes, dinosaur puns, etc.)

Throughout time, dinosaurs have remained a source of fascination for people spanning all generations.

Their vast size, unique traits, and enigmatic extinction have kept us fascinated which is hardly surprising. And most welcome to the ideal spot where we provide unique captions that will match your dinosaur-themed Instagram post.

In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of dinosaur Instagram captions, including cute and funny options, as well as dinosaur quotes, sayings, and puns for various occasions.

Dinosaur Instagram captions.

Dinosaur Instagram captions.

Roaring into the weekend like a T-Rex!

Tricera-topping off the perfect day.

Hanging with my dino-mite friends!

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.

Feeling prehistorically fabulous today.

Dino-snores and sweet dreams.

Life finds a way – especially on this adventure!

Raptor-ound my finger, I’m in love with these dinos.

Paleontologists do it in the dirt.

Stegosaurus vibes today.

I’m one in a Jurassic million.

Fossil hunting is my cardio.

Just a dino enthusiast living in a Jurassic world.

Bronto-scored the best memories today.

Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.

Pterodactyls in the sky, I can fly twice as high.

Veloci-family over everything.

Dinosaur lover and proud!

The fossils were calling, and I had to go.

Digging into the past like a pro.

Cretaceous? More like cretace-wow!

You’re never too old for a dino adventure.

Living life in the Mesozoic era.

Iguanodon even handle how much fun this was.

Dinosaurs: proof that size does matter.

Here for the Jurassic puns.

Taking a bite out of life, T-Rex style.

I herbivore you a million years ago.

Dinomite days and Jurassic nights.

My heart belongs to the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur pictures: capturing prehistoric memories one snap at a time.

Laughing my Jurassic off with these dinosaur jokes!

Attractive and ancient: the dinosaur’s allure.

Overabundance of bigness: the dinosaur way.

Extinct from the face of the Earth, but not from our hearts.

Face of the planet: a prehistoric canvas.

Measured success by longevity: the dinosaur’s secret.

One-of-a-kind dinos for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Alive and well in our imaginations: the dinosaur’s legacy.

God destroys dinosaurs, man creates memories.

Ancient wisdom, dinosaur-sized lessons.

The dinosaur’s eloquent lesson in adaptability.

You’ve probably never seen a more adorable dinosaur!

Enjoying the best dinosaur moments one day at a time.

Saur-ing high with prehistoric friends.

I’ve got fossils older than your grandma!

Living that ptero-life.

My love for dinosaurs will never go extinct.

Just a fossil fanatic.

The only thing I love more than dinosaurs is more dinosaurs.

Tyranno-snuggled up with my favorite dino plush.

Jurassic park-ing my way through the weekend.

Dinosaur Instagram captions.

Apatosaurus adventures await!

Dinosaur love: extinct but never forgotten.

Attractive ancient beasts: dinosaurs are timeless.

Faces of the planet changed, but dinosaur fascination remains.

Lub-dub of dinosaur life echoes through history.

Dinosaurs must rank at the top of our hearts.

Who said extinct can’t be adorable?

The best dinosaur moments captured in pictures.

Dinosaur jokes: the key to prehistoric laughter.

Enjoy the lub-dub of dinosaur life in every adventure.

Alive and well in our hearts: that’s where dinosaurs must rank.

Walking with dinosaurs, one step at a time.

Feeling fossil-tastic today!

Dino-mite memories made with my crew.

Extinct but never forgotten.

Cute dinosaur captions for Instagram.

Cute dinosaur captions for Instagram.

Just a dino-mite kind of day.

Keep calm and love dinosaurs.

Rawr means I love you in dinosaurs.

You’re dino-mite, and I’m not even rex-aggerating.

I am feeling tricera-top of the world!

You’ve got a dino-sized heart.

Life is better with a little dino magic.

Apatosaurus adventures are always a good idea.

Just a little dino-spiration for your day.

Dino hugs are the best kind of hugs.

Dream big, little one – just like a dinosaur.

Dino days are the best days.

Be-leaf in yourself like a herbivorous dino.

When in doubt, stomp it out like a dinosaur.

Don’t be a dino-snob, be a dino-fab!

Love me like you’d love a baby dinosaur.

Cuddlesaurus Rex at your service.

Prehistorically perfect moments.

Spreading dino cheer far and near.

Be your own kind of dino-mazing.

Dino vibes only.

Dance like nobody’s dino-watching.

This little dino is feeling mighty fine.

Hug it out like a gentle giant.

Making dino-sized memories.

I’m not short; I’m fun-sized like a Compsognathus.

Dino-dazzle wherever you go.

Cute dinosaur captions for Instagram.

A little dino told me you’re amazing.

Small but dino-mighty.

Welcome to the dino parade.

You make my heart pterodactyl flutter.

Just a little dino-licious fun.

I am savoring every dino-lightful moment.

Be the person your pet dinosaur thinks you are.

Spread love like a Gallimimus.

Dino-swoon over these memories.

You’re always young for dino-snuggles.

A dino-sized love story.

The world is your dino playground.

Dino dreams and prehistoric schemes.

Let your dino spirit shine.

The last one to the Cretaceous period is a rotten egg!

You’ve got a pro heart of gold.

Let’s get dino-giddy together.

A day without dinosaurs is like a day without sunshine.

Don’t worry, be dino-happy.

Dinosaur funny quotes.

Dinosaur funny quotes.

I’m not a dinosaur, despite my massive thighs and slow walk.

A Triceratops orders a beer after entering into a bar. The bartender successfully identifies the Triceratops as a three-horned dinosaur, causing him to be amazed.

What occurs when T-Rex battles against Velociraptors? Jurassic trick.

Barney, come on and confess. You long to roar and pursue people.

The tooth-puller is presently the only known dinosaur with a taste for humans.

The role of T-Rex and asteroid alternate depending on the day.

The dinosaur crossed the road because chickens hadn’t evolved yet, why?

A recurring feeling that somebody is watching me dissolves when it comes to my memory that I keep a pet dinosaur.

A T-Rex is never delayed, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he ahead of time. He eats whenever he precisely intends to.

Dinosaur funny quotes.

God practiced when he made dinosaurs.

A velociraptor, too, needs its alone time now and then.

An awkward lizard is all a stegosaurus becomes without plates.

Having a T-Rex bite you would undoubtedly result in an extremely bad day.

The disparity between dinosaurs and lawyers is merely the duration of their demise.

The game of hide and seek is the only situation where ‘thinking like a dinosaur’ is useful advice.

The reason why dinosaurs feel annoyed is that their eggs fail to hatch!

Since both the Brachiosaurus and Triceratops are no longer existing, none of them can be appointed as designated drivers upon exiting from the bar.

Dinosaur birthday puns.

Dinosaur birthday puns.

Have a dino-mite birthday!

You’re rex-tra special to me, happy birthday!

It’s your birthday, let’s get Jurassic with it!

Hope your birthday is a T-rrific one!

You’re not getting older, you’re becoming a classic, just like a dinosaur.

A dino-sized celebration for your birthday!

Have a tricera-top-notch birthday!

Birthdays are like fossils: the older they get, the more precious they become.

Wishing you a prehistoric-ally perfect birthday!

Party like it’s 65 million years ago!

You age like a fine wine, but you’re still a young dinosaur at heart.

Happy birthday, from one fossil to another!

May your birthday be as colossal as a Brachiosaurus!

Don’t worry, with age comes wisdom, just like a wise old dinosaur.

Time flies, but you’re still the king of the Jurassic era.

You’ve aged like fine amber, preserving your awesomeness.

Have an egg-citing dinosaur birthday party!

Age is just a number, unless you’re a dinosaur, then it’s a really big number!

Dinosaur birthday puns.

Birthdays come and go, but your love for dinosaurs is eternal.

Here’s to a birthday that’s as legendary as the dinosaurs!

Keep stomping through life with dino-mite style.

Have a roarin’ good time on your birthday!

You’ve aged like a T-Rex: still fierce and fabulous!

Wishing you a birthday that’s as amazing as the first dinosaur discovery.

Another year older, but still the king of all dinosaurs.

You may be one year older, but you’ll always be our favorite dino enthusiast.

Birthdays are best celebrated with a Jurassic-sized cake!

Have an epic, prehistoric adventure on your birthday!

Wishing you a birthday with as much excitement as a velociraptor chase.

You’re never too old to dig up some dinosaur fun on your birthday!

Christmas dinosaur puns.

Christmas dinosaur puns.

Wishing you a Jurassic Christmas.

Yule always be dino-mite to me.

Merry Rex-mas!

Jingle all the way to the Jurassic era.

Tricera-top of the nice list this year!

Have a rawr-some holiday season!

Christmas cheer from the Cretaceous period.

Jingle-Rex is coming to town!

Santa-saurus is on his way!

Christmas dinosaur puns.

Deck the halls with dinos, fa-la-la-la-rawr!

Ptero-dashing through the snow.

Have an ice age Christmas.

Wishing you a Stego-snowy holiday season.

May your holidays be as grand as a Brachiosaurus.

Sending you Pachy-celebratory Christmas wishes.

Hope your Christmas is a-maize-ing, just like a Maiasaura.

Have an EGGstra-special holiday season, from the Oviraptor to you!

Funny dinosaur captions for Instagram.

Funny dinosaur captions for Instagram.

T-Rex hates push-ups.

If you were a dinosaur, you’d be a Gorgeousaurus.

I’m kind of a big dino-deal.

I’m just a girl who loves dinosaurs more than people.

My arms may be short, but my love for dinos is long.

I’m always ready for a dino-riffic good time.

I’m a little dino-maniac, and I’m proud of it.

I’ve got a T-Rex-sized appetite for adventure.

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.

What’s a dinosaur’s least favorite reindeer? Comet!

A balanced diet is a dinosaur in each hand.

Just channeling my inner T-Rex.

I’m on a strict dino diet – only eat what a dinosaur would eat.

My favorite dinosaur is the one that loves me back.

Feeling dino-mite and ready to take flight.

I’ve got a bone to pick with you – a dinosaur bone.

My spirit animal is a velociraptor.

Dinosaurs aren’t extinct, they’re just hiding.

I’m the type of person who would high-five a dinosaur.

I’m pretty sure I was a dinosaur in a past life.

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? To get to the other dino-side!

Funny dinosaur captions for Instagram.

When life gets tough, just think about dinosaurs.

T-Rexes make terrible gardeners – they can’t reach the plants!

I tried to think of a dinosaur pun, but they’re all dino-sore.

I put the “Rex” in “Tyrannosaurus rex.”I’m a dino-holic. Send help!

My favorite exercise is chasing after dinosaurs.

I’m one dino-obsessed human.

I’d give up chocolate, but I’m not a quitter – just like a dinosaur.

I’m not saying I’m a dinosaur, but have you ever seen me and a dinosaur in the same room?

Stegosaurus plates are the original fashion statement.

I’m just a dinosaur trapped in a human’s body.

One day, I hope to open a dinosaur-themed bakery called “Jurassic Tart.”

My blood type is D – for dinosaur.

Funny dinosaur sayings.

Funny dinosaur sayings.

Triceratops: always ahead of the curve.

T-Rex: short arms, big attitude.

Pterodactyl: taking flight since the Late Triassic.

Diplodocus: the original long-distance relationship.

Ankylosaurus: tough on the outside, but a softie at heart.

What’s a dinosaur’s least favorite reindeer? Comet!

Spinosaurus: the original sailboat.

Parasaurolophus: always a head above the rest.

Iguanodon: thumbs up for the Cretaceous period!

Argentinosaurus: go big or go extinct.

Allosaurus: always on the hunt for a good time.

Carnotaurus: the original bull in a china shop.

Styracosaurus: the punk rocker of the Late Cretaceous.

I’m feeling dino-sore after that workout!

Apatosaurus: never a pain in the neck.

Funny dinosaur sayings.

Don’t let the comets get you down, stay meteor and carry on.

Pachycephalosaurus: always using their head.

Gallimimus: the original roadrunner.

Oviraptor: eggs-traordinary since the Late Cretaceous.

When life gives you lemons, make a dino-sour.

Deinonychus: always one step ahead.

Mosasaurus: making a big splash since the Late Cretaceous.

Dino DNA: the building blocks of Jurassic life.

Dinosaur Halloween captions

Dinosaur Halloween captions

Creeping it real with my dino pals.

Fossil-iciously frightening night!

Witch way to the dinosaur exhibit?

Halloween: when the dead and the extinct come out to play.

Boo-saurus! Did I scare you?

Ghouls just wanna have fun… with dinosaurs!

Jurassic Park: Halloween Edition.

I’m here for the boos and the dinos.

Unearthing some prehistoric spooks.

Who needs a broomstick when you’ve got a pterodactyl?

You’ve got to be velociraptor-ound your finger to be my ghoul.

This Halloween, I’m dressed as a paleontologist’s nightmare.

Be-TRICKS Potter and the Chamber of Dinosaurs.

Mummy-saurus: it’s a wrap!

Dinosaur Halloween captions

Vampires, ghosts, and dinosaurs, oh my!

Feeling spooky and scaly this Halloween.

Have a monstrously good time with the dinos.

When black cats prowl and dinosaurs roar, may luck be yours on Halloween.

Beware of the haunted T-Rex.

Creep it real with a dino twist.

I vant to suck your dino-blood!

Skeletons and dinosaurs make no bones about it – it’s Halloween!


There you have it, A collection of cute, funny, and punny dinosaur Instagram captions that will make your posts stand out. Whether you’re looking for a birthday pun, a Christmas joke, or just a witty saying to accompany your latest dino-themed photo, I hope you found something that tickled your funny bone.


What are some other occasions where I can use dinosaur Instagram captions?

You can use dinosaur captions for posts related to travel, nature, history, or just for fun.

Are these dinosaur captions appropriate for all ages?

Yes, these captions are family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

Are these captions original?

Yes, all of these captions are original and written by me.

Can I modify these captions to fit my style or personality?

Of course! Feel free to modify these captions or create unique ones that reflect your personality and style.

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